Anita S. Huey, MS, RD, LD, CDE

delicious fresh berries in a rowI often listen to people when they talk about a particular “diet” plan that they are following.  They will talk about the foods that they cannot eat and the foods that they are  “allowed” to eat.  How many minutes of exercise that they “have” to do each week.  When I hear about this type of plan, all I can think about is RULES.  Often times the requirements of these types of plans are just too much and set people up for not being able to stick with it.  This can lead to discouragement and guilt about not being able to follow the plan.  I encourage people to look at a nutrition plan in a very different way.  This is meant to be on their terms.  I will often encourage people to frame their food choices as
1.  Frequency
2. Portion
3.  How is it prepared.

This helps to let people see that there are many different options and the food choices are abundant.  This leads people to make choices on their terms and eating food that they enjoy on their journey for healthier eating.  Anita

Anita is a registered dietitian, licensed dietitian in the State of Maine. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator.


  • Bachelor of Science from Plattsburgh State University in Foods and Nutrition
  • Dietetic Internship Indiana University
  • Master’s of Science in clinical exercise physiology from Northeastern University
  • Completed the requirement for a exercise specialist from the American College of sports medicine

Anita has over 25 years of experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Anita worked at Martin’s Point Healthcare for the last 15 years. During her time there, Anita provided one on one nutrition counseling. In addition, she developed programs for adults and children, taught diabetes, cooking and learn to cook classes. Developed user friendly education materials. She was also the coordinator for their accredited diabetes program.

Previous work experience includes being acting director of Wellness at Parkview Adventist Medical Center. Exercise Physiologist and facilitator of a heart healthy eating program at Inova Fairfax Heart Center. Clinical Nutrition Manager for the Marriott Corporation where she ran a successful outpatient Nutrition Program at Southampton Hospital.



  • District Dietitian for the Marriott Corporation
  • Dietitian of the Year for the Marriott Corporation
  • Nominated for the Ron DeVolder Award at Inova Fairfax Hospital
  • Contributor to a cookbook that was written at Southampton Hospital
  • Speaker at a annual meeting for American College of Physicians in Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Speaker at an annual diabetes conference for the Maine Diabetes Prevention and control program




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