• One on one nutrition counseling ( Medical Nutrition Therapy).  Our approach is a positive step-by-step process that keeps your journey to goo health focused.  We create a customized program with tools and ideas that work. This service is covered by most health insurance plans.  We will be able to check with our billing department to determine what your plan coveres.


  • Group classes on diabetes, pre-diabetes, Heart healthy eating, weight management (includes food sample).  Interactive classes to learn more about certain health conditions with directed goal setting to set the foundation for health and food related changes.
  • Diabetes Prevention Program a year long program.  This program meets weekly for the first 16 weeks and then monthly after that.  This lifestyle program shows that by making modest behavior changes, participants can reduce their risk of developing diabetes by 58%!  The program starts on February 13, 2014, at People Plus, from 4-5 pm.  Call today at 504-6439.


  • Nutrition Coaching offers the flexibility of having your session done at the time you would like and the freedom of never having to leave your home or office.  Call today to see how it works and set up an appointment.
  • Cooking Lessons in your own kitchen.  We will come to you and help you make delicious and nutritious meals  
  • Cooking with friends   in your own home.  Invite friends for a get together.  I will provide a cooking demonstration and provide information on healthy eating.


  • Take home meals that have been prepared by Anita.  Coming in the future


NOTE: We are credentialed with the insurances. Some of these services may be covered by your insurance.