Everyday Nutrition Associates, LLC was started on Jan 17th.  Since that time we have opened 3 locations, started seeing clients on an individual basis and held several 4- part weight management class. There have been program on pre-diabetes, diabetes and high blood pressure.  Anita had an article in the Times Record in Brunswick Maine in March and just last week was featured in the healthy living section where she wrote about meal planning.  She was on Harspwell community TV and taped a segment for the monthly People Plus show.  Anita was introduced and discussed her association with People Plus.

People Plus

Monthly weight management follow up meetings at People Plus, for those who have attended the 4-part weight management class.  The next class is Nov. 18th at 11 am.


10 Alton Street Portland Maine

Every Tues 12-1 pm Free Weight Management Class

Next Steps:

1.  We are in the process of becoming accredited with the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program.  It is the only evidenced based program.  For individual ages 18-60 there is a 58 % reduction rate in developing diabetes and a 71 % reduction for people over 60!

2.  We are, also, taking steps to become an Accredited Diabetes program.  This program consists of individual and group classes.  Participants acquire information about how to better manage their diabetes.


Nov. 16th

1.  Anita will be doing a food demonstration and nutrition education in a client’s home.  They have invited 8 friends to attend this Healthy Nutrition get-together! Now let’s get cooking.