How We Help

Our company works with people on their journey for healthier eating and general well being. We work with each person to design a program that fits their individual needs and lifestyle. We encourage people to consume everyday healthy food and work with the concepts of portion size, frequency and how is it prepared? We provide education on many health conditions. We provide guidelines for food choices, sample meals, recipes, recipe modification and meal planning. We coach individuals to establish and realize realistic goals. We guide people through problem solving concepts and work on any barriers to success. This process of everyday

Let Us Help You

Let us help you navigate through all the information that you hear about what to eat or what not to eat.  Each person is unique.  The journey to eating well, your way, needs to be simple and directed at the areas that you want to improve.  Let’s face it, many people start the latest “diet” […]


1.  35 Union Street (inside the People Plus Building) Brunswick, Maine 04011   2.  10 Alton Street (Right behind St. Peter’s Episcopal Church) Portland Maine 04103

Our Services

One on one nutrition counseling ( Medical Nutrition Therapy) Group classes on diabetes, pre-diabetes, Heart healthy eating, weight management  Nutrition Coaching Cooking lessons.  Learn how to make quick and easy meals in the comfort of your own home.  We will come to you and help you make nutritious and delicious meals.  Contact us for more […]